Age Of Deceit: Fallen Angels And The New World Order

Wow! A very impressive encapsulation of our present spiritual dilemma! A video that makes good vs. evil palpable in new ways to viewers! Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels And The New World Order” is simply a must view! It’s long at two and a half hours, but not a minute is wasted time! Your spirit will be enriched!

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  1. Tommy Two Gloves Avatar
    Tommy Two Gloves

    Mixed Truth and Protestant baloney. Anti-Catholic diatribe. There is only One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Protestants have cut themselves off from salvation. They gutted the Original Bible of 7 books. The King James Version. They removed the 7 Sacraments instituted by Christ. Only the Traditional Catholic Church retains the Latin Mass and has validly ordained priests. Protestants, like Jews, have no priesthood. They are a dead end cult of subjectivism and self-interpretation. Vatican II (1962-1965) Judaisized the Catholic hierarchy into a band of traitors. The Vatican II Cult (Novus Ordo) tried to abrogate the true Mass and replace it with a Protestant meal device. Every person who calls themselves a “Christian” should trace their denomination back as far as they can and find out that they all were once Catholic or “Universal.” That’s what Catholic means! There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Find a Traditional Catholic Parish now. Before it’s too late! “For the road is narrow and very few people find it.”

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