Agenda 21 Land Seizures in US up 100-fold in 10 years

from Coast to Coast AM host George Noory interviews Reid Lance Rosenthal (starting at about 5:30, lasts about 70 mins.), author of Land for Love and Money.
A rancher, realtor, and author, Rosenthal talks about Agenda 21
anti-private property edicts, and government encroachment on freedoms.

Agenda 21 got its start at a conference
of UN environmental organizations in 1992, and over the years it’s
become “a 40 chapter ever-evolving bible of globalism,” obliterating the
rights of sovereign nations, and eliminating personal liberties for the
good of the collective
, he remarked. 

Under the guise of such terms as
sustainable development, and viable communities, the Agenda seeks to
increasingly control human activity, Rosenthal suggested. Agenda 21
promotes the concept of “regionalism,” pushing for everyone to live in
compact urban areas, and casts a negative light on suburbs and rural
areas, he continued.

Governmental property confiscation is up 100 fold in the last 10
, and “the heyday of property seizures by government for political
and fiscal reasons is just beginning,” he warned. Agenda 21 has come to
Brazil in full force, and there’s been more than 4,000 people displaced
with their homes demolished, and troops sporting a UN logo were involved
in the re-locations
, Rosenthal reported.

Eminent domain, the right of a government to take a property from a
private landowner “for the public good,” is a growing problem, with 13
million acres in the US being targeted for “federalization,”
he added.
Rosenthal was also critical of the push for alternative energy in the
US, characterizing it as a “cloak of crony capitalism” in which most of
its green jobs created go overseas, and further, the industry is highly
subsidized, and can’t stand on its own.

from Coast to Coast AM

In a timely and related case, Susan Crabtree
details one woman’s battle to save her farm from seizure thru
outrageous fines, IRS discriminatory harassment, and unwieldy zoning and
environmental rules. Here’s an excerpt:

The IRS’s internal watchdog is reviewing
allegations that the agency improperly audited a Tea Party owner of a
small Virginia farm whose repeated clashes with a local environmental
group and the county over zoning laws have made her a cause celebre for
property-rights advocates.

Martha Boneta, who runs a 64-acre organic
farm in Fauquier County’s tight-knit historic hunt country, has spent
the last few years tangling with the Piedmont Environmental Council over
the group’s access to her property, which she bought in 2006. The PEC
wants regular access to the land to monitor adherence to a conservation
easement intended to limit commercial activities and safeguard the
historic and scenic value of the land.

Boneta, who considers herself a Tea Party
Republican and held a fundraiser on her farm for former conservative
U.S. Senate hopeful Jamie Radtke in early 2012, also has locked horns
with Fauquier County officials in recent years. The county has levied
thousands of dollars in fines against her for selling fruits and
vegetables on the property during the weekend without a proper license
even though she held a county-approved license for a “retail farm shop”
and for holding unlicensed events, including a birthday party for her
best friend’s child and a pumpkin carving, without a permit and a site

Read all of IRS watchdog reviewing claims of improper audit of Tea Party farmer.

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