The Five Points of Fellowship

The Five Points of FellowshipThe Five Points of Fellowship in Freemasonry “…demonstrated as the
Worshipful Master and candidate [for Master Mason] embrace one another thusly: foot to
foot; knee to knee; breast to breast; hand to back; and cheek to cheek,
or mouth to ear. While in this position, and at low breath, the
Worshipful Master then whispers ‘Mah-Ha-Bone’ into the ear of the
candidate. ‘Mah-Ha-Bone’ is the substitute for the Master’s Word. It
means, ‘What, the Builder!’. This proper means for an exchange of the
substitute for the Master’s Word is alluded to in the Obligation of a
Master Mason: ‘Furthermore, I do promise and swear that I will not give
the substitute for the Master’s Word in any other way or manner than
that in which I receive it, which will be on the Five Points of
Fellowship, and at low breath.'”

A description of individual points can be found in The Five Points Of Fellowship.” from the Grand Lodge of Texas.  1) foot: “With the first point of fellowship, we are instructed to go by foot to answer the needs of others, but more especially that of a Brother Freemason.” 2) knee: “Within the second point of fellowship, we find the power of prayer, especially prayer directed for the benefit of a fallen Brother.” 3) breast: “With the third point of fellowship, we are reminded of the responsibility of trust. Holding in our heart the secrets of our Brother Freemason is a sacred responsibility.” 4) hand-to-back:  “In the fourth point of fellowship, we are charged to support the character of our Brother, either before his face or behind his back.” 5) mouth-to-ear: “With fifth point of fellowship, we are encouraged to give wise counsel to our Brother Freemason and to support him in his time of need.”

The next time you see two politicians from different parties embrace (picture, right)  in “The Five Points of Fellowship,” you should think twice about who they really represent!  

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