Aging Radio Evangelist Says the End of the World Is Near – Again

Aging Radio Evangelist Says the End of the World Is Near - Againfrom statesman: Soon it will be spring again. The leaves will turn green; the bluebonnets will flower. Or trumpets will blast, graves will open, and Earth will begin a five-month descent to its fiery end. Radio evangelist Harold Camping can hardly wait. May 21, he asserts, is Judgment Day, when “this world will be a horror story beyond anything we can imagine.” A fixture on Christian airwaves around the world, Camping, 89, is exhorting all who are listening to “make ready” for Jesus’ triumphal return, whose precise date he says God has revealed to him with “fantastic proof” in the Bible. Of course, Camping has missed the date for the end of the world before, having previously forecast that the Apocalypse would be in 1994. Lately, many other end-of-timers have been fixated on a doomsday date of Dec. 21, 2012 — when the “Long Count” calendar of the ancient Maya ends and, they say, the world with it. According to Camping, there won’t even be a 2012. His website displays that number with a red slash through it.

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