Aldous Huxley 1962: The Ultimate Revolution

Aldous Huxley delivered speech in 1962 to receptive audience at Cal-Berkeley, discussed ultimate revolution of acting directly upon “fellow minds” of mankind to get them to accept, enjoy even love their servitude. It’s apparent enormity of implications of sickening speech go over heads of the audience. What did audience think, methods wouldn’t apply to them? Are human beings so ungovernable they must be controlled by hypnosis and drugs? Huxley is an oligarch, he referred to as always existed and will continue to exist, delivering mind control agenda meant to control masses, including audience – amazing! Huxley promotes superior nature of his approach over method described by George Orwell in 1984.” Do you as an individual realize now reading Orwell’s book, at some point in school, represents an act of predictive programming? Brave New World by Huxley and Orwell’s book were meant to take some of the shock off diminished prospects for the future! It’s like showing cattle the gate to their pen! You may read speech in this article. Huxley hits it all from scientific dictatorships to brain implants in rats – just lovely stuff! Are you beginning to appreciate where oligarchs are coming from? Huxley speech represents New World Order 101 education material!

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