america’s infrastructure is crumbling

from raw replay: Benno Schmidt reports that America’s infrastructure is crumbling. You don’t need to be an engineer to see that our roads, bridges, railways and airports need help.

Unless more funding and effort are put into saving the nation’s infrastructure, it will continue to crumble, say experts. An estimated $1.5 trillion over the next five years could be needed to avoid large-scale disaster.

“When infrastructure declines, we’re going to become a second-rate country,” says engineer and former New York City transportation commissioner “Gridlock Sam” Schwartz.

“No matter where you live, there are critical infrastructure issues,” says David Mongan, president of the American Society of Civil Engineers. “In some cities, bridges, roads, power lines, pipelines; are simply too old. In others, the explosive population growth has outpaced [their] infrastructure’s ability to satisfy the needs.”

This video is from CBS’s Early Show, broadcast May 10, 2008.

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