and the winner is… aipac!

and the winner is... aipac!from asia times: They’re all here – and they’re all ready to party. The three United States presidential candidates – John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Madam House speaker Nancy Pelosi. Most US senators and virtually half of the US Congress. Vice President Dick Cheney’s wife, Lynne. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Embattled Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. And a host of Jewish and non-Jewish political and academic heavy-hitters among the 7,000 participants.

Such star power wattage, a Washington version of the Oscars, is the stock in trade of AIPAC – the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the crucial player in what is generally known as the Israel lobby and which holds its annual Policy Conference this week in Washington at which most of the heavyweights will deliver lectures…

Republican presidential candidate McCain is opening this year’s AIPAC jamboree; Clinton and Obama are closing it on Wednesday. Walt and Mearsheimer’s verdict on the dangerous liaisons between presidential candidates and AIPAC remains unimpeachable: “None of the candidates is likely to criticize Israel in any significant way or suggest that the US ought to pursue a more evenhanded policy in the region. And those who do will probably fall by the wayside.”

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    I know it is three years later now, but AIPAC is obviously very relavent to Jew haters in the U.S. I did not know that AIPAC was the only interest group operating in foriegn policy circles in Washington. Do you think it is more powerful and influential in foreign policy matters than the oil lobby, the banking lobby, the military-industrial lobby, and the Saudi Arabian lobby? If you do then I have a melting iceberg in the Arctic for sale to you. Let us be real. Why would Israel and the Jews wield so much power in Washington. Israel has no oil. It is the size of Rhode Island. Has anybody ever bothered to take a look at a map of the Middle East and Africa? There are only 15 million Jews in the world and 6.4 billion other souls. Where does that leave the rest of mankind when 15 million Jews can control them? There is only one explanation and you know what that is.

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