another melamine-tainted milk scandal in china

another melamine-tainted milk scandal in chinafrom ntdtv: A new milk safety scandal has broken out in China. Authorities in Shanghai have closed a dairy company and arrested three executives, after milk products were found to contain high levels of the toxic industrial chemical melamine.

According to the state-run Shanghai Daily, melamine was found in milk powder and condensed milk made by the Shanghai Panda Dairy Co. Ltd. Melamine is a toxic chemical used for making plastic. When added to food it can make the protein content appear higher, but it’s highly detrimental to human health.

Last year, more than 300,000 children were poisoned and at least six died after drinking the tainted milk, according to Chinese state-run media. In a similar incident last month, Chinese authorities also arrested three employees of the Shaanxi Jinqiao Diary Company for producing melamine-tainted milk.

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