ardent sentry ’09: norad/northcom terror drills on june 18-24

update1: interview w/ clyde lewis on ardent sentry & blackjack

… pay extra attention in oregon as these exercises coincide w/ the fictional ‘operation blackjack‘ explosion in portland on jun22 …
ardent sentry '09: norad/northcom terror drills on june 18-24from northcom: North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command are planning to conduct a combined exercise June 18 – 24 that will incorporate several military exercises with a National Guard exercise. These linked exercises are referred to as ARDENT SENTRY 09. Events will take place in multiple venues across the country including Iowa, Kansas, Oregon, Wyoming, and off the East and West Coasts.

The exercise will allow several Department of Defense organizations and some federal and state partners to implement plans and respond to a variety of notional events. Historically, exercises like these have helped both DoD and other agencies review their processes and procedures and focus their future training efforts on closing gaps and identifying areas that need additional attention.

Major AS 09 venues include:
* NORAD’s AMALGAM DART exercise involving air defense activities at Camp Rilea, Oregon;
* The National Guard’s VIGILANT GUARD exercise focused on civil support with major activities in Des Moines, Iowa and Topeka, Kansas; and,
* A Nuclear Weapons Incident exercise (NUWAIX) with a U.S. Air Force response near Cheyenne, Wyoming;

The activities in the vicinity of Camp Rilea will involve the deployment of an Army National Guard ground-based air defense system that will be integrated with Air Force airborne systems (AWACS and fighters) and a Navy Aegis Destroyer. (Media interested in covering this event should contact Mr. Al Eakle at 1-850-283-8080)

Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska National Guard units will respond to multiple events in Iowa and Kansas including simulated train derailments and foreign animal disease. (Media interested in covering events in Iowa should contact LTC Greg Hapgood at 515-971-6385; for events in Kansas, contact Sharon Watson at 785-274-1192)

In Wyoming, Air Force Space Command will respond to an incident involving a simulated nuclear weapon. (Media interested in covering this should contact Capt. Sharbe Clark at 719-554-3815).

featuring private contractors like selah leadership solutions*
iowa natl guard seeks paid ‘victims’ for exercise*
boeing searching for information on*
air defense exercise to test northcom response*
iowa guard exercise to kick-off jun18*
camp rilea to host military defense exercise*
kansas area guardsmen participating in multi-state exercise

update2: blackjack weekend: solstice/sentry psyop reaches peak

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  1. Mike Philbin Avatar

    it's MUCH worse than that

    1) there's one short hexadecimal code in the Teelgraph's Operation Blackjack photo series saying that "This is not simply entertainment."

    2) there's another longer hexadecimal code that says, and wait for this, "This is the final warng on th?is site – all further warnings? will be given on jackblack12.?info. Beware Ardent Sentry. Be? alert for Semis bearing the s?un icon. Not all federal autho?rities are involved."

    either this is gonna happen or it's a REALLY SICK JOKE

    You say you wanted a countdown?

    Go here:

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    I happened to find a calendar of these excercises thru a google search. In this powerpoint, it seems to show ardent sentry as taking place july 20 – 31, 2009

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    This one has a different feeling to it. A genuine attempt to stop the unimaginable. Somewhat amateurish, but well-intended attempt.

    It only resembles the enemy. I think this is someone at the beginning of their training, still learning how to fight fire with fire.

    As of this moment, the timer should read:
    1 MONTH, 3 days, 22 hours, 37 minutes, 52 seconds.

    No years should be involved here. There is simply not enough time for years.

    That should put the expected event somewhere around July 21, 2009. Right on time for the "nuclear attack exercise".

    I have no knowledge of such an event, though. But the time frame is perfect. It has been done many times before, it could be done again, simply out of despair if nothing else.

    The time is quickly running out. Internet censorship is being pushed by overwhelming force, and if it doesn't work, there will be very few alternatives left.

    Semis should be the name of the enemy, as in semi-human, or human-resembling, and they do use the Sun sign. You can see it in Obama's logo as well. The Rising Sun.

    This is also true – not all federal authorities are involved.

    Anyway, we'll see if anything happens. I'm beyond worrying anymore. Open conflict is undoubtedly going to happen, sooner or later, so what's the difference? We are as ready now as we'll ever be.

    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like [i]tears in rain[/i]… Time to die.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Actually, if you look at the timer, you'll notice that there are three digits in the "days" section, meaning that it jumps over months and just goes into years. That means this will occur on June 21st, 2010.

    I suppose we'll know for sure in 3 days.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    The countdown from right to left is seconds, minutes, hours, days and years. Notice the days has three sections. 365 days to the year. So the number on the left is years. Seems to coincide with the new game coming out.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Would people be freaking out if this was revealed to be a TV pilot by J.J. Abrams? Bcuz all the symbolism reminds me of the mysteries of LOST. We look for patterns and symbolism everywhere.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    just saw where there was a train collision in DC.A few days ago Chicago-derailment.Woder what next.

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    it's 2011 for certain, if you view LambAndTheDragon's Youtube videos. He connects 1990 Bush Sr. NWO virgin phrase, 322, and all the dates. Blackjack is a 21 game, 1990+21= 2011

    Leave the targets of Operation Blackjack.

    I don't understand the new string at Part 5 slide 7 fully, how Mike Philbin decoded it…

  9. MichaelH Avatar

    6/22 = 6:22 on the 360 degree compass.
    Every 30 degrees = 1 hour so 30 degrees = 1 o clock, 60 degrees = 2 o clock, 90 degrees = 3 o clock and so on. Since 30 degrees = 1 hour, then 1 degree = 2 minutes.

    The time 6:22 = 360+360+191 degrees = 911 degrees right? 191 degrees = 6:22

    180 degrees = 6 o clock + 11 degrees = 22 minutes = 191 degrees = 360+360+191 = 911 degrees stopping at the time 6:22

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    thanks for share.

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