court orders pete doherty to get medical implant for drug addiction

court orders pete doherty to get medical implant for drug addictionfrom infowars: Pete Doherty, singer for the English indie rock band Babyshambles, has been ordered to have a medical implant to prevent the use of drugs, according to the Associated Press. Doherty appeared in a Stroud, western England court today where he entered a plea of guilty to heroin possession and driving without a license or insurance. It is not specified what sort of implant the British state demanded the rock singer receive. Naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist, is often used for heroin addiction. Some practitioners use a naltrexone implant placed in the lower abdomen. The implant has not been shown scientifically to be successful in “curing” the subject of their addiction. Implants are used for “medication compliance reasons.”

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Implanting humans with the ability to control an individual through chemistry is pure Orwell; cruel and unusual punishment royale! Peter Doherty is a genius and a junkie – that is the reality. Drugs and artistic expression is intertwinded for many of the great musicians past and present; ala Lennon, Richards, Cobain, and, now, Doherty (I don't get me started on the Blues and Jazz musicians!). When the State controls our bodies (junkie or not) freedom becomes nothing but an illusion.

  2. Jessica Avatar

    You may be able to stay clean and sober for periods of time, but without a medical detox program and drug addiction treatment, you cannot hope to stay away from drugs and alcohol forever.

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