martial law, arkansas: crimewave brings 24hr lockdown

from kthv: Authorities say in an attempt to stop the violence, a neighborhood on the Westside of Helena-West Helena is under a 24-hour, non-stop curfew that could be extended for days.

It’s a tale of two cities. The result of what police are calling a small gang turf war. Neighbors Mary Stevens, Flora Commons and Antone Johnson live in the middle of it. “They’ve been shooting for three or four nights,” says Commons. “It’s time to put a stop to all the crime. You can’t sleep at night because people are shooting and you want to know where the bullet is going to go next,” says Johnson.

Mayor James Valley says the impacted area is violence-prone. So from South Sebastian to Fourth Street and Anderson to Garland Street, no one is allowed out. He says it’s, “…to curtail some of the general mayhem we’ve been experiencing, particularly the gun shots,” says Valley. “Nobody can walk down the street and be safe, that is, be free from police interference,” says Valley.

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