cern super collider begins testing this weekend

cern super collider begins testing this weekendfrom wired: The Large Hadron Collider, soon-to-be the world’s most powerful atom smasher, begins testing this weekend. CERN will fire the first test beam through one of the particle accelerator’s sectors. “It’s, ‘Let’s see what happens,’ ” Judy Jackson, head of the Office Communications at Fermilab, told Popular Mechanics. “It’s a very complex machine. This is a step towards getting ready.” Then, on September 10th, a full-power beam will travel through the accelerator’s entire 17 miles of tunnels, reaching up to 99.99 percent of the speed of light. And finally, assuming all goes well, the first real science experiments will begin some time in October.

the large hadron collider: the end of the universe?

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    Beams may begin September 10th, but high energy collissions are still several weeks away, time enough for an on-line emergency safety conference.

    Even if micro black holes are created, Dr. Rossler’s calculations estimate that 50 months to 50 years would be required for a micro black hole to destroy Earth.

    Several prominent physicists who do not appear to display a competent understanding of LHC Safety issues proclaim that more powerful cosmic rays harmlessly strike Earth regularly proving safety. This argument is nonsense.

    Stable micro black holes created by cosmic ray collisions with Earth would travel through Earth at nearly the speed of light, leaving the Earth unharmed. CERN’s LHC Safety Assessment Group acknowledged this in a March 2008 email.

    Abstract below from Dr. Rossler’s plea to the world, copy available on

    “A nightmarish situation, that can still be hoped to be averted in time through communication within the scientific community, is drawn attention to. Only a few weeks remain to find out whether the danger is real or nothing but a mirage. After this time window is closed, it will take years until we know whether or not we are doomed. The story line has all the features of a best-selling novel. The reader is asked to contribute constructively.”

    Quote from Dr. Otto E. Rossler, Professor Theoretical Biochemist, visiting Professor of Theoretical Physics, inventor of the Rossler Attractor, founder of Endophysics, winner of the 2003 Chaos Award of the University of Liege and the 2003 Rene Descartes Award.

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