Australian Govt Wants to Outlaw Inexpensive Alcoholic Beverages

from Via: The Australian: CHEAP wine will be banned under a federal health agency’s plan to make drinkers pay at least $8-$10 for a bottle of booze. The Federal Government’s Australian National Preventative Health Agency will advise this week that a “floor price” and new taxes be calculated as a way to make alcohol dearer. The prohibition plan to stop cheap drunks binging on discount drinks – including cask wine and cleanskins – has delighted health groups but sparked an alcohol industry revolt. Consumers who drink cheap wine are not all drunks, industry groups have told the agency, and not everyone can afford an expensive tipple. But the agency found pricing is “recognised as one of the most effective measures to reducing alcohol-related harm”. It has found “strong community support” to change the existing alcohol tax system, so that wine would be taxed on the basis of its alcohol content rather than its price. “These changes would have the effect of establishing a floor price for alcohol,” the agency’s report, to be published within days, states.

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