“Believers: An Intriguing Look Into The World Of The Occult”

from jamaica-gleaner.com: The Believers – The Hidden World of West Indian Spiritualism in New York” by Dr Glenville C. Ashby is a regular ‘jumbie story‘, and then some more. This intriguing work focuses on the core beliefs of the West Indian immigrant in the most modern and hard-edged of metropolises. These are beliefs that operate in tandem – sometimes secretly – within the hearts, and in the actions of the West Indian migrant community. While this book has its share of the jolting and jaw-dropping, there is little in the way of the spine-tingling and macabre concoctions associated with Stephen King and his genre. This is about real people, with real problems, real fears, and who reach, somewhat tremblingly, for the relief and comfort in their ancestral traditions and the occult.

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