Bernie Fine Scandal Update: Third Accuser Pleads Guilty

Bernie Fine Syracuse sex scandal update: Is coverup already at work? CNN reports, “Zachary Tomaselli, the third man to publicly allege that former Syracuse University coach Bernie Fine molested him, pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges that he sexually abused a teenage boy.” The only eligible charges for prosecution, as previously reported, Fine’s lawyers have already attempted to shoot down Tomaselli.

Tomaselli has fought back by filing a civil lawsuit, as reported in news article, “…filed in Allegheny County court by Zachary Tomaselli…one day after a prosecutor in Syracuse said he had records that could disprove the allegations. Fine’s attorneys also say travel records prove that Tomaselli is lying.” Tomaselli appears as much victim and abuser as accuser! Zachary Tomaselli plays similar role in Syracuse to Mike McQueary’s in Penn St. scandal. Tomaselli and McQueary are key targets.

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