Biowars/Envirohealth: Connections, Consensus & Lightning

Oil Spill Updates:
Vatican official tied to BP, Goldman Sachs*
The spill, the scandal & the president*
Obama’s pound of flesh: $20b compensation & no BP dividends*
BP agrees to put $20b in escrow*
Video: BP hires private security to keep away media*
16 questions about the spill that we deserve answers to*

Envirohealth updates:
Lightning smites 60ft Jesus statue*
Video: 6-story jesus statue in Ohio struck by lightning*
5.9 earthquake shakes southern California*
100+ minor earthquakes rattle southern California*
Consensus on climate change was phoney, says IPCC insider*
EPA takes a giant leap into tyranny*
US stockpile receives smallpox vaccine*
Video: Olbermann slams tea party senate candidate for voting against water fluoridation*
Johnson & Johnson expands recall of over-the-counter medicines*
Astra-Zeneca denied drug’s link to diabetes for years after admitting link to Japanese physicians*
Biodetection technologies conference kicks off in Arlington, VA*
Albert Pike Camp flooded in Arkansas, 16 dead*

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