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Lindsay Lohan Ditches Alcohol for Healthy ‘Kombucha’ Tea

Lindsay Lohan Ditches Alcohol for Healthy ‘Kombucha’ Teafrom daily mail: She's been banned from drinking alcohol but Lindsay Lohan is now getting her kicks from a new organic tea. After being forced by a judge to quit her wild ways the troubled star has been spotted clutching healthy 'Kombucha' in the place of vodka. And with it's long list of benefits, including improving the liver, blood and digestive systems, Lohan is sure to reap the rewards.

The organic product can help people kick habits such as alcohol, coffee and junk food by 'restoring healthy balance to the body,' according to it's founder G.T Dave - who started the company as a teenager in his parents' kitchen.

But Lohan had better be careful not to consume too much since it is known to contain trace amounts of alcohol due to fermentation of its fruit ingredients. And some reviews claim the sweet tasting drink gives a 'mild euphoria' on top of energizing and uplifting the body.

  1. The euphoric reaction diminishes after just a few days of drinking kombucha, even in small quantities. A quick search around the net will dredge up plenty of proof, let alone just trying it for one's self.

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