Biowars/Envirohealth: Toxicity & Impurities

Watchdog says EPA covering up toxicity of dispersants*
Watchdog says EPA covering up toxicity of dispersants‘People are getting sick,’ worker says*
Video: CFR’s Matt Simmons says “We have now killed the Gulf”*
BP posts photoshopped photo of command center*
More no-show witnesses in oil rig explosion probe*
BP ‘awarded’ massive Iraq oil contracts in Gordon Brown’s NWO*
Another major oil spill after pipeline explosions in China*
700+ dead in Chinese floods*

5.8 magnitude earthquake shakes Iran*
3.6 earthquake shakes DC area*
Columbia University brain imaging center routinely injected mental patients with drugs that contained potentially dangerous impurities*
90% of scientists backing Avandia had financial ties to drug companies*
DHS announces $1.8b in grants*
Video: Pain pill abuse up 400% in 10yrs*

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