biowars/envirohealth: coverup, chemtrails & corporatocracy

bp/dhs coverup of gulf oil spill goes orwellian*
bp/dhs coverup of gulf oil spill goes orwelliangulf coast now a bp police state as law enforcement conspires with bp to intimidate journalists*
photographer detained by police, bp employee near refinery*
glenn greenwald on the bp/government police state*
warning to gulf volunteers: almost every cleanup worker from ’89 exxon valdez disaster is dead*
mandatory evacuations planned for louisianna, mississippi, alabama & florida*
bp remains key pentagon supplier*
US to take more control of spill response website*
video: 1000s evacuated in tex/mex as storm approaches*
oil industry gains billions of dollars in government subsidies*
video: bp dumping oil waste in gulf landfills*
chinese set to begin intl deep-sea mining*
gulf seafood’s future remains unknown*
video: 100s of fishermen missing checks from bp*

scientists admit chemtrails are creating artificial clouds*
scientists admit chemtrails are creating artificial cloudsvideo: shasta county chemtrail/geo-engineering contamination cover-up*
world’s top firms cause $2.2t in environmental damage*
wyeth used ghostwriters to place over 40 ‘scientific’ articles in medical journals*
doctor treating pregnant women with experimental drug to prevent lesbianism*
researchers create self-assembling nanodevices that move & change shape on demand*
congress called on to create national biosurveillance capability*
mysterious plague outbreak among syrian army*
anthrax hoaxes on the rise*
when the cfl’s break: practice your mercury escape plan*
analysts say who ‘communication errors’ spurred ‘false pandemic’ charges*
climategate whitewash complete: third inquiry clears everyone involved*
US scientists discover antibodies that neutralize 90% of known hiv strains*
millions chronically exposed to arsenic in water*

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