biowars/envirohealth: pretty silly yellowstone & superfast jellyfish

42,000 gallons of oil dumped into yellowstone river*
42,000 gallons of oil dumped into yellowstone rivermontana gov says exxon claim of limited spill damage is ‘pretty silly’*
grizzly allowed to roam yellowstone after killing man*
despite fire threat to los alamos lab, plans proceed for plutonium bomb factory*
deadly chemical accident at tyson chicken plant in arkansas lands 173 workers in hospital*
problems with storage of chemical at dupont in wv*
audio: oregon advertising studio tracks fukushima radiation*
monsanto’s agent orange, a vietnam-era weapon, being used to clear the amazon*
7.6 quake hits off new zealand’s kermadec islands; tsunami warning issued*
video: dust storms envelop arizona*
sony forces employees to submit to naked body scanners*
use of ssri antidepressants during pregnancy linked to higher risk of autism*
‘gender-neutral’ pre-school accused of mind control*
video: swarm of jellyfish shutdown nuclear power plant in scotland*
video: jellyfish could shut down israeli nuclear power plant*

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