biowars/swine flu updates: special shots, bio-threats & databases

officials: don’t blame the swine flu shot, you’ll drop dead anyway*
officials: don't blame the swine flu shot, you'll drop dead anywayvideo: nashville registered nurse explains deadly h1n1 vaccine*
german chancellor, ministers get special vaccine without soft kill ingredients*
pneumonia, susceptibility of young among traits of swine flu*
flu vaccine brainwashing in prime time abc show*
poll: 75% of finns don’t want the swine flu vaccine*
darpa looks to upgrade bio-threat detectors*
merck wins US approval for gardasil vaccine in boys*
s.1858: the bill nobody noticed & a national dna database*
US & mexico face shortage of h1n1 flu vaccine*
panel warns US is underfunding efforts to counter bioterrorism*
bilderberger sebelius calls for updated vaccine-making process*
video: chicago alderman: make swine flu shots mandatory*

10/22 updates:
video: report says 2.5 drug lobbyists for every lawmaker*
farrakhan suspicious of h1n1 vaccine*
video: govt hijacks kids tv to propagandize for swine flu shots;
sid the science kid shoots up

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