Boy Scouts Perversion Files: Perverts Outed

Boy Scouts Perversion Files: Perverts OutedBoy Scouts of America proved itself, in the end, more concerned about image than safety of boys entrusted to the venerable organization. A Time Newsfeed covers release of 14,500 pages of confidential documents held by the Boy Scouts of America, addressing child sexual abuse inside the organization. “The files were ordered released by the Oregon Supreme Court stemming
from the judgment in favor of a former Scout who was molested by an
associate Scoutmaster,”
reports Time. LA Times taking a further step by incorporating Oregon documents into its “Perversion Files” database! The Los Angeles Times “…is incorporating the files released Thursday into its own online database, which contains information on nearly 5,000 such cases spanning 1947 to January 2005. The database offers a complete record of files opened during that period except for an unknown number of files that have been purged by the Scouts over the years. More than 300 cases involve someone with ties to a troop or unit in California.” The present writer sees bright spot in making “the most shameful human failing of all” public.“‘The secrets are out,’ said Kelly Clark [pictured], one of the plaintiff’s lawyers in an Oregon lawsuit that resulted in a nearly $20-million judgment against the Scouts in 2010. ‘Child abuse thrives in secrecy and secret systems are where it breeds,'” as reported in LA Times. Hats off to Mr. Clark!

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