breaking the silence of a secret nazi pow camp in virginia

breaking the silence of a secret nazi pow camp in virginiafrom npr: About two years ago, National Park Service employees stumbled upon a fascinating and largely untold piece of American history. It involves a secret World War II interrogation camp at Fort Hunt, Va., not far from the Pentagon. During and right after the war, thousands of top German prisoners were questioned there about troop movements and scientific advances.

Soldiers at the site also prepared special “care packages” for American POWs that they sent overseas. They included maps, radios and other escape tools.

Many of the camp’s records were destroyed right after the war, and those who worked there were sworn to secrecy. Many veterans never spoke about it, even to family and friends, although the operation has been gradually declassified over the past two decades.

The National Park Service, which now runs Fort Hunt Park, has been trying to piece together the story of the interrogation facility — code-named P.O. Box 1142 during the war.

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