Breaking News!: Media Outlets Report That ‘Heaven Is For Real’!

from Fox News isn’t, officially, a religious network, but their promotion of round voyages to heaven (White and Christian – just like Fox!), angel priests, and angels who cure cancer is right up there with those networks who, like Fox, peddle a gospel based on fantasy. But of all the heavenly day trippers, Fox & Friends’ favorite tear jerker is Colton Burpo who, during his first interview with Gretchen Carlson in 2011, told a story of his meeting Jesus and living to tell the tale which was made into the book “Heaven is for Real.” Burpo returned to the show, last year, where he told a gushing Steve Doocy that heaven is full of young attractive folks, except for miscarried fetuses who start off as babies and stop aging around 30. (That’s what he said!) And now that Burpo’s book has been made into a movie, he made an encore appearance on today’s Fox & Friends where a gushing Elisabeth Hasselbeck helped him pimp this “true story” and do a little preaching.

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