Chavez: Another CIA Assassination Victim?

Kevin Barrett asks in a PressTV article on death of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez,Chavez: Another CIA assassination victim? Chavez shared his suspicions in 2011, when five Latin American politicians were diagnosed with cancer. Also, New World Next Week (video) made Chavez their #1 Story this past week.  Barrett doesn’t shy away from the task – no need to – as there seems sufficient anecdotal evidence to suggest use of fast-acting cancer agents for assassination.  The article cites hundreds of attempts on Castro’s life,  Jack Ruby, who murdered Lee Harvey Oswald and then promptly died of cancer.  Ruby had said he was injected with cancer (note: link submits it’s impossible to cause cancer by injection).   Perhaps, where it all started, Barrett referencesDr. Mary’s Monkey,a book by author Edward T Haslam about a clandestine lab set up in the spring of 1963, appointed task of developing fast-acting cancer agent to be used on Castro.  The clandestine lab in New Orleans injected mice with irradiated cancer agents.  Mary Vary Baker recruited shortly after completing high school, worked in Louisiana Ave lab (Ruby had actually visited lab), because she was already inducing cancer in her home lab at a faster rate than professionals, at the time.  Barrett cannot definitively say, Chavez was assassinated by U.S. government, believes it could be either them or a private party such as bankers. 

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