chomsky: it doesn’t matter if there’s a conspiracy behind 9/11

from blacklisted news: This short clip of Noam Chomsky being interviewed re 9/11 is very revealing in which he says, referring to what critics of the official narrative allege, “what does it matter even if it was true, it wouldn’t be significant?” He then refers back to the assassination of JFK in which he still insists that the assassin was Oswald, with the nonsensical comment that “people get killed all the time.”

Add to this his routine dismissal of the role of the Jewish lobby in shaping US Middle East policy and it is easy to understand why he is known as the “Chief Gatekeeper.”

Will he debate anyone on these issues? Of course, not. He prefers opponents like Alan Dershowitz who is guaranteed not to raise any important issues that Chomsky cannot counter. In [these videos], he speaks about coincidences that can’t be explained but it would be nice if he would explain how it was that the 8,000 page Patriot Act was already written, printed, and ready to be sent to Congress immediately after 9/11 when, before the event, there would have been no chance of its passage. Another coincidence?

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  1. crallspace Avatar

    Of course it doesn’t matter. A revolution would be too much work!

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    I think this is an unfair and innacurate assesment of Noam Chomskyh. To say that he has only debated Dershowitz on softball issues is completely innacurate. I’d also argue that it doeasn’t make sense for Chomsky to lend weight to 911 when he has devoted his entire life to pointing out the numbers that matter most. If I was Chomsky I wouldn’t get dragged into this debate either. He’s also consistently pilloried by Jews despite for being a selft hater.

    Gatekeeper is just too silly. What’s more important 911 or the way 911 was leveraged? Who suffered more deaths? New York or Iraq (it’s not over yet)This is Chomsky’s mission. Leave him be.

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