Clyde Lewis Ghost Hunt At Fat City Successful!

Ground Zero Live host Clyde Lewis, takes audience on live adventure, a ghost hunt in SW Portland at the Fat City Cafe. It’s a risky endeavor if no ghostly spirits decide to show! It wasn’t the case, as Lewis pulls off successful episode, “‘Marked Woman’ and the Ghost of Mayo Methot.” The Ground Zero Live host came well- armed with Dybbuk Box fully charged to invite spirits to enter the box for a brief ride to Mt Calvary cemetery, where they were released. It was all strictly voluntary and no entities detained against their will! What was all the Guf about? The Fat City Cafe owner suspects identities of the ghosts, as possibly, a woman named “Vivian,” who was a murder victim in a 1975 murder-suicide in the cafe’s basement. There’s a bullet hole still in the wall! The other ghostly presence could be Mayo Methot, Humphrey Bogart’s -ex, who expired from alcoholism there, in the early fifties, when it was a flophouse. You can catch five minute film noir on successful night of ghost hunting above! Please listen to fearless Fat City Ghost Hunt on podcast, where hand-off from cafe to cemetery to radio station goes flawlessly – easier said than done! The present writer was concerned Lewis, a cancer survivor, took on too much but all ended well – nobody cleaved by a dybbuk, at least, as far as we know! Does proprietor of Fat City Cafe resemble two murder victims? Hats off to Ground Zero Live!

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