Could Injecting Youthful Blood Reverse Aging?

Could Injecting Youthful Blood Reverse Aging?Is it coincidence researchers found evidence recently for the rejuvenating benefits of injecting youthful blood into an elderly recipient? Wow! Reality is far wilder than fiction! An io9 story reports:

“Researchers have shown that it is possible to reverse cognitive decline in old mice by injecting them with blood from the young. Elderly mice who were given transfusions of young blood were shown to exhibit improved learning skills and memory — and at a level comparable to much younger mice. Should the same effect apply to humans, it could represent a novel way to treat neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. A primary reason why we experience cognitive decline as we get older is due to our decreased production of neural stem cells — what ends up causing fewer connections between brain cells. Exercise has been known to help, but its effects are limited. But Saul Villeda of Stanford University has shown that the production of these stem cells may have something to do with the quality of our blood…In terms of what’s happening, the researchers say the young blood is likely reversing the aging process by topping up levels of key chemical factors that normally decline in the blood as we age. Speaking to the Guardian, Villeda noted that, after the transfusion, “all of a sudden you have all of these plasticity and learning and memory-related genes that are coming back.” But as to which exact factors are causing the effect, the researchers are not sure — there are hundreds of thousands of candidate factors.”

The Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory (picture, center) from 17th Century Transylvania may have held a similar belief, although critics believe her thirst for blood came instead from an insatiable craving for sadistic pleasure of inflicting pain, drawing blood and administering death!

Kim Jong Il (picture, right) seems another as printed, in theguardian: “It is rumoured that the late Kim Jong-il would inject himself with blood from healthy young virgins in a bid to slow the ageing process. Remarkably, the North Korean dictator might have been onto something. Experiments on mice have shown that it is possible to rejuvenate the brains of old animals by injecting them with blood from
the young.”

Is this really new? Isn’t it a widely held belief of those who practice sacrifice that drinking blood can reinvigorate? A recent story at The Telegraph reveals a couple who believe they can achieve immortality as vampires.

The present writer finds convergence of Villeda’s research with surging vampire fad of interest, as well as, recent success of novel, Fifty Shades of Grey,” a worldwide best selling novel that explores erotic aspects of sadistic practices! Is drinking blood on a path of “normalization” as homosexuality underwent in the eighties, and more recently, pedophilia? What’s so bad about drinking blood?

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