corbett report: episode188 – listening to the enemy

corbett report: episode188 - listening to the enemyfrom corbett report: Figuring out what the global power elite are trying to accomplish requires no crystal ball or decoder ring. They say it openly, every day, in speeches and publications that are freely available to the public. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we dive into some of the enemy propaganda to see if we can find what the oligarchs are thinking…and what they are planning to do next.

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4 responses to “corbett report: episode188 – listening to the enemy”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Zbig was foreshadowing the Arab spring not commenting on an extreme minority that chooses not to follow the hymn book.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Corbett got his ass handed to him by Tarpley – it was brilliant. Tarpley even threw in a "sufficive to say(sic)" mocking the hosts compulsion to butcher the term “suffice it to say" endlessly during his presentations. On the ropes, Corbett was reduced to ad hominem attacks on Rosevelt in favor of facist Libertarians which he can neither vote for or be subject too – cowardice. Ironic that a host weaned on the Canadian subsidized heath & education comes out in the end for the libertarians. Sounds like a self hating expat who couldn't make it in his own country. Should change the show name to "The Sophomore Report".

  3. Dave Avatar

    I find it odd that you would view that interview as a debate. I saw it as two people with some differing opinions exchanging ideas. They seemed basically to agree on many points. I would like Tarpley to explain his view that seems to uphold the prohibition of marijuana which is hypocritical in a nation where it is completely legal to walk into any liquor store and buy up enough booze to kill yourself with 10 times over with no questions asked other than, "cash or credit?" or "may I see your ID?"

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