Costa Concordia: Illuminati Blood Sacrifice?

Costa Concordia: Illuminati Blood Sacrifice?Was the running aground of cruise ship Costa Concordia on Friday, January 13th an Illuminati blood sacrifice and harbinger of things to come? Occult ties are made in a creepy You Tube video,COSTA CONCORDIA: A disaster with the signature of the Illuminati,” narrated by virtual voice. The number 13 in date is only most obvious tie. Video suggests a link to Standard & Poor’s downgrade of nine European Union (EU) members the same day and luxury liner’s 13 decks, which are named after each EU country. The virtual voice provides an other-worldly tone to inquiry, “…Costa Concordia’s disaster was a flag for the the collapse of the European economy or might be part of the the Illuminati agenda for the New World Order?” The Costa Concordia is identified as a wild card in Illuminati economic scam,, very similar, to RMS Titanic sinking 99 years and 9 months before. An Illuminati flip of 999 becomes 666, an important occult number. Video identifies more possible ties, but perhaps one to keep in mind, is proposed 266 day interval from beginning of EU collapse on August 2nd, 2011, which results in date of April 24, 2012.  The video suggests there may be another event?

The present writer entertains suppositions as food for thought, while harboring doubts about an April 24th or any specific date, still finds plenty to suggest occult forces are at work! Another You Tube video provides fine summary for sequence of events in the ship’s final moments and reminds viewers the ship’s name means harmony – more symbolic language? A recent Mail Online article paints a picture of Costa Concordia’s Captain Francesco Schettino to fit the role of scapegoat! Public should be suspicious of media attempts to seduce them into believing ship’s loss solely due to human error. Everyone should watch to see how much insurance money parent corporation, Carnival, receives for Concordia’s loss. Micky Arison, an Israeli-American citizen, is CEO and Chairman of Carnival Corp.

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