darth vader police unleashed on nyc subways

from wcbs: More protection against terrorists is coming to a subway station near you. Starting Thursday, special bomb teams – “Torch Teams” – will be toting submachine guns and bringing bomb-sniffing dogs onto the platforms and into the trains… It’s a first for mass transit in the United States. NYPD officers, armed with rifles, submachine guns, body armor and bomb sniffing dogs will begin patrolling the city’s subway system thanks to a 50 percent increase in a homeland security grant…

Similarly equipped NYPD units, known as “Hercules Teams,” have patrolled Wall Street, the Empire State building and other aboveground city landmarks for years as a response to the World Trade Center attacks. A police official likened the “Torch Teams” to “Hercules Teams” with metro cards. In this age of heightened security, commuters and keen canines will share the underground world of mass transit.

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