David Icke Interviews Arizona Wilder

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David Icke hosts an interview with Arizona Wilder, formerly Jennifer Greene, who was programmed and trained to conduct satanic rituals by Joseph Mengele a.k.a. the Angel of Death from the Nazi death camps of World War II,” reads the YouTube Summary. This 1998 interview will leave you with questions. You’ll want to watch to see which world leaders are reptilians.

The present writer has always harbored an inner bias against buying that a reptilian element works behind the scenes in our world. Wilder goes into detail in such a forthright manner, you wonder. The interview suggests we’re farmed to provide vital blood contents important to reptilians’ propagation on this planet (reptoids followed Aryans from Mars 4,000 years ago). Wilder reports human sacrifices have gone up substantially since 1980. The rise attributed to Earth changes that make it more difficult for reptilians to maintain their human form, in other words, a shape-shifting crisis! Reptoids do not possess psychic abilities, informs Wilder. It’s always good to know reptoids will not know your thoughts while they eviscerate you! Is the horror of reptoid overloads a reality or is it a sci-fi psyop? Are we as human beings unable to fathom depths of this mystery?

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