defcon 12/7: track, leak, shock & confuse

feds ‘pinged’ sprint gps data 8m times over a year*
feds 'pinged' sprint gps data 8m times over a yearyahoo issues takedown notice for spying price list*
yahoo threatens cryptome over leaked surveillance document*
yahoo, verizon: our spy capabilities would ‘shock & confuse’ consumers
ibm poised to acquire database security start-up for $225m*
google expands tracking to logged out users*
murdoch accuses google of news ‘theft’*
pub ‘fined £8k’ for wi-fi copyright infringement*
court refuses to shutter tracker linked to pirate bay*
cern knocked out by another power failure*
rockefeller: ‘cyber czar’ has too many bosses*
officials cut tehran internet access ahead of major protest*

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