Defcon 5/6: Global Cooperation & Orwellian Legislation

Cybersecurity meet ends with calls for ‘global cooperation’*
Defcon 5/6: Global Cooperation & Orwellian LegislationSummit in Dallas targets cybercrimesponsored by Goldman Sachs & Microsoft, etc*
Should google try to prevent terrorism?*
Getting ready for tomorrow’s space wars*
IBM’s city sim trains planners to tackle future problems for growing urban centers*
Watch the skies! are aliens really coming or is it a govt plot?*
Internet ‘hate sites’ jump 20% in 1yr*
Cyber attacks hyped to justify net regulation*
Groups call ‘privacy’ legislation Orwellian*
Blackberry ‘predicted a century ago’ by pioneering physicist Nikola Tesla*
Report reams admins for secretly snapping student pics*
Facebook bug allowed users to eavesdrop on chats*
Top 10 reasons to quit Facebook*

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