Police State Updates: Immigration, ID Cards & Unruly Flyers

National ID card included in Dem’s immigration bill*
Police State Updates: Immigration, ID Cards & Unruly FlyersDownload pdf: Dems spark alarm with call for national ID card*
Orwellian Dems & ‘the believe system’: Immigration proposal creates biometric national ID card for every worker*
Covert economic agenda beneath immigration reform*
1000s march at events across US*
Video: 1000s across Bay Area protest new Arizona immigration law*
If you cross the US border…*
Couple arrested at US border for asking questions*
2 Arizona cities sue state over immigration law*
Video: Students kicked off campus for wearing American flag t-shirts*
Operation Jaded Thunder: Joint military exercise will raise noise levels in skies over Treasure Valley, Idaho until May12*
Video: Minot airman killed during ‘Vigilant Shield’ nuke drill*
Official: TSA ramping up east coast security measures*
14 nations to participate in military exercise jun23-aug1*
2 day drill will simulate WMD attack on Sioux Falls, S. Dakota*
Day 1 of disaster drill is complete in Sioux Falls, SD*
Rhode Island simulates bioevent*
Burning of mustard agents at Oregon’s Umatilla chemical depot resumes*
S. Carolina to host bioevent simulation*
Fighter jets buzz Toronto, Muskoka in G20 test runs*
Change you can bereave in: Wiretaps up 26% in 2009*
Video: Militarized police at Obama event in Illinois*
New ‘black box’ plan for US cars*
Cash-strapped Fresno police enlist volunteers *
Taiwan flight diverted, passenger claims explosives on board*
Device detonated near Pittsburgh Marathon finish line*
Luggage explodes at Houston’s Bush airport*
Video: Emergency landing made at BWI for unruly flyer*
Detroit airport cop & TSA worker accused of stealing pizza & punching clerk*
Suspicious package: TSA worker jailed after junk joke*
Abandoned U-Haul truck causes NYPD to shut down RFK bridge for 3 hours*
Passengers disembark NH bus in handcuffs, m-16s pointed at them*
The Hutaree case falls apart*
Judge says 9 Hutaree militia members can be released on bond*
Jailed Michigan militia members could be released*
Hutaree militia members release delayed*
Arizona to eliminate Napolitano’s speed cameras on freeways*

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