DHS Wants To Double US Predator Drone Fleet

DHS Wants To Double US Predator Drone Fleet

It’s in your face fascism!  Department of Homeland Security  (DHS), according to Trevor Timm at Activist Post, “…signed a contract that could be worth as much as $443 million with General Atomics for the purchase up to fourteen additional Predator drones to fly near the border of Mexico and Canada. Congress would still need to appropriate the funds, but if they did, DHS’ drone fleet would increase to twenty-four.” A public relations blitz, will likely, attempt to mollify public concern over privacy and safety, but blog entry adds: 

“Perhaps worse, DHS is also flying Predator drone missions on behalf of a diverse group of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies for missions beyond immigration issues. We know they have lent the drones out to the county sheriff’s department in North Dakota and the Texas Rangers, among others, but unfortunately, we don’t know the full extent DHS lending program. DHS, as is their custom, is keeping that information secret.”

Timm  summarizes “spies in the skies” capabilities: “…..drones can be equipped with, among other capabilities, facial recognition technology, fake cell phone towers to intercept phone calls, texts and GPS locations, and in a few years, will even be able to see through walls.” You will have much more to worry about than a speeding ticket, when Predator drones fill US skies!

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    if a govt official police officer or a military officer has too much power and the possibility of utilizing that power to attack a civilian or abuse power and authority if this is a true statement and fact then he,[ profiles] would be the domino effect in a sociEty that has been harmed within the scope of research and development…example targeted and disadvantaged programs … i can Correlate the facts and evidences implemented thRU hidden programs that were funded by the us these people were a particular dictatorship on america for years and years with that hidden agenda … it is a scary system and america has to be damn well prepared on all circumvented establishments who have systematicallly integrated into every aspect of our safety in usa. INTEGRATION WAS THE CONCEPT AND THEY WERE VERY PROFESSIONAL IN THESE MATTERS BUT THE EFFICIENCY OF ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES THAT WERE ENACTED THRU CERTAIN PROGRAMS CAN SHOW THE MONETARY FUNDING THAT WAS TARGETED OVER AND OVER AGAIN IF IN FACT THESE PEOPLE WERE FUNDED THEN THE OVERSIGHT BECOMES A CRIMINAL INTENTION ABOVE THE MEASURE OF JUSTICE… WHO CAN WE TRUST/ THAT AND THEM ?TODAY AS WE SURVIVORS OF THESE EXACT EMAPLES HAVE GIVEN IN 1975-80/80-85-85-90-90-95-95-2000-2000-2005-2005–2010-2010-2013… CAN WE HAVE THE DECENCY TO HAVE A GOVERNMENT THAT WILL HELP THE CIVIALIANS AND THE POVERTY ENFORCED FOR THESE HORRIFIC CRIMES BEFORE WE PROCEED IN AMERICA WITH THE SAME UN PROFILED MONSTERS THAT HAD INCORPORATED THESE SCHEMES TO ACHIEVE FUNDS FOR THEIR WARS?PLEASE LOOKM INTO THE PRIVATE SECTOR INDUSTRY AND THE CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS AND THE STUDENTS IN TRAINING ON ALL LEVELS SAND ASPECTS PROFILE THEM FOR ONCE AND YOU WILL SEE THE TRUTHS BEHIND THE SHEMES THE PAIN AND SUFFERING AND THE LOSSES IS TREMENDOUS WE NEED THE SYSTEM TO PROCEED IN THE WAY OF SAFETY FOR ALL AMERICANS … TODAY ? nO YESTERDAY

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