Did Anonymous Block Karl Rove’s Attempt To Steal Election?

Thom Hartman ponders prospect hacker group Anonymous blocked Karl Rove from vote flipping key states in the November election. Rove, is suspected, of successfully flipping 2004 vote in favor of George W Bush. Michael Connell, a software consultant died in 2008 plane crash on his way to testify in Federal Court, due to a lawsuit concerning 2004 vote in state of Ohio. Karl Rove warned Connell against telling what he knew. Hartmann discusses similarities found in two elections by Bob Fitrakis in article,Why Rove Failed to Deliver Ohio on Election Day: What Happened in Ohio This Time Around.” Rove asserted exit polls were incorrect and voting machines momentarily crashed in both elections.  Hartmann goes on to ponder whether Anonymous shut out Rove this time by installing firewall and password protection on the backdoor to voter tabulation software?  Thanks goes to Liberals Unite for the links.  Please drop below fold to watch Anonymous deliver warning to Rove prior to election. It’s good stuff!

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