district 9: sci-fi film with sophisticated nwo propaganda

district 9: sci-fi film with sophisticated nwo propagandafrom rogue government: The sophistication of New World Order propaganda originating from Hollywood is reaching an insane level. Proof of this can be seen with the new release of the Peter Jackson produced and Neill Blomkamp directed science fiction film District 9. I had the opportunity to see this film over the weekend and was blown away with the multiple layers of mind control programming that is included in this movie. Anyone who has researched anything to do with the New World Order should immediately go see this film and analyze it. We live in a world in which everything is backwards. The corporate controlled media conceals the truth where as Hollywood works of fiction usually end up revealing it. This is definitely true for District 9 as this film is obviously meant to condition the viewing audience to accept current realities and even future realities that the global controllers are preparing. The film also fictionalizes many real life truths which is very interesting in its own right…

Despite all of the propaganda in District 9, I have to admit that the film is very well done and entertaining, but obviously contains all sorts of references and themes to things that are actually happening or that the global elite are preparing to do to human populations. The only difference is that the film depicts the global elite through this fictional multi-national corporation doing these things to aliens. A well done film, but it contains some of the most slickly crafted New World Order propaganda ever put in a Hollywood movie.

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update: just saw the film, this is the shape of things to come

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