Drone Episode 4: Conclusion

Billing for conclusion of Drone series reads, “The thrilling conclusion of the YOMYOMF Network’s sci-fi/action webseries “DR0NE”, Directed by ROBERT GLICKERT and starring LANCE REDDICK (“FRINGE”) and KENNETH CHOI (“CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER”).
Captured by black ops soldiers, the situation looks dire for 237. Is there any hope of escaping and bringing Nissen (Lance Reddick) to justice?”
reads You Tube caption. Nissen realizes 237 traced his location and lays in wait in another shoot-em-up episode–very entertaining!  In the final moments, 237 gets reprogrammed to wipe clean prime directives to insure unit follows orders. The final scene shows, however, reprogramming to be overridden, presumably, by upgrade from USB drive provided 237 in prior episode.  Hats off to Lance Reddick and Director Robert Glickert!  This viewer can only hope for a sequel!

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