Ken O’Keefe And Max Igan On Patrick Clawson

Ken O’Keefe and Max Igan comment on infamous Patrick Clawson remarks of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy that openly suggest a false flag event to start war with Iran. O’Keefe, a former Marine who renounced US citizenship and gained world attention by participating in 2010 Gaza Flotilla, and Igan, an outspoken critic of New World Order who advocates taking power back, make for dynamic and entertaining critique! An atmosphere provided by filming on a Palestine rooftop adds to aura of resistance! O’Keefe warns Israel may use Samson Option.  On the bottom lines, Clawson made negligent comments that represent nothing less than a public display of disrespect by a policy maker openly mocking the rest of us! Viewers also get to see what Max Igan really looks like!

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