DSM-5 to Normalize Pedophilia in 2013?

Author and researcher, Judith Reisman warns of lobby to normalize pedophilia (of course, the children enjoy it and know what they’re getting into)! In New American article by Dave Bohon, he reports the pedophilia lobby has sights set on upcoming revisions to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5 or 5th revision) to be published in 2013. Reisman sees the trend will continue to spiral down into, well, we’d have to say the abyss of hell, unless we retrieve our laws, our mass media, and our schools.” The proposed revisions are reminiscent of those in DSM-4 in 1980 with homosexuality deemed no longer a mental disorder. Are pedophiles too emotionally immature to relate to adults, or, are they possessed of a control freak personality and children are the perfect subject? It’s a sad day when it’s entertained that a minor could enter into such a relationship, as if they’re the age of consent or sufficient maturity to fully realize what they’re getting into! Corey Feldman should be applauded for coming out with his allegations – ‘vultures’!

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