dutchsinse readings at ft calhoun waterlogged nuclear plant

dutchsinse readings at ft calhoun waterlogged nuclear plant

Dutchsinse is on the job with readings on June 24th at an inundated Fort Calhoun, NE nuclear plant. Radiation measured in at 61.4 clicks per minute and Dutchsinse's conclusion, "...MID to LOW level 'background' radiation...the levels here NEXT to the plant are equal to that of most everywhere else in the country except for Denver Colorado. This also means RUMOR has run amok, and there has not been any sort of detectable radioactive 'leak'.

The present writer passed by the Fort Calhoun plant, today, wondering how tight security would be? The plant appeared under control with several cars in parking lot and construction equipment on site. The scene appeared calm, at least, from the outside and flooding less prevalent to judge from pictures of just a week ago.  A stop at a local convenience store showed plant still a "hot" topic with a customer complaining, "CNN believes the power company is lying about water getting into the plant," with a nodding cashier in quiet agreement. A quick search only reveals a CNN article from two days ago, which is rather supportive in tone. The article reveals an interesting, flood rumor control webpage, at the OPPD website.

A friend's son works at the plant and maintains there is no radiation leak, which Dutchsinse confirms with readings just outside the entrance. It's all calm currently, at least, in Fort Calhoun on this weekend radiation roundup.

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