econocrash updates: black friday, back home & in the red

goodbye jobs, hello mom & dad, say young adults*
goodbye jobs, hello mom & dad, say young adultsfdic insurance fund closes quarter $8.2b in debt*
fdic insurance fund falls into the red*
dollars steepest drop since july*
uk poised to lose jobs as £10bn nuclear power plant contract goes to US*
german ‘robin hood’ borrowed from rich, loaned to poor*
want a stock tip?
buy stocks owned by congressmen
dollar hits 14yr low against yen*
london stock trading suffers outage*
US stocks dive on dubai financial problems*
fed predicts high jobless through 2012*
flashback: tungsten trick tried before in 1983*
US mint to suspend american eagle gold 1oz coins*
the big cost of gold coins*
federal reserve tries theater ads to burnish its image*
did the economy sound the death toll for black friday?*
happy buy nothing day! w/ rev billy & the church of stop shopping*

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