Egyptian Coffins Guard Entrance to Houston Funeral

Egyptian Coffins Guard Entrance to Houston FuneralEgyptian Coffins stand guard at entrance to Whitney Houston’s funeral in Newark, NJ (picture left, link to video), should give pause to anyone with doubts about an Illuminati element in her life, and possibly, death! There are several YouTube videos which see a synchronicity to times and dates surrounding Houston’s Feb. 11th demise. There’s even a video that speculates Houston was a sacrifice for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebration! Is there an elaborate ritual conducted right before our eyes? Vigilant Citizen observes many strange facts about Houston’s last days and importance of number 11:

“When dealing with occult rituals, numerology takes on a primordial importance. In the case of Whitney Houston, the number 11 is definitely a factor. In elite occult circles, the number 11 is a “master number” (it cannot be reduced) and, because it exceeds the number 10 (the number of perfection) by 1, it is usually associated with bad foreboding and black magic. Qabbalists associate the number 11 with transgression of the law, rebellion, war, sin, sorcery and martyrdom…

Going further than the date of her death, another link associates Whitney and her death with Lady Gaga and previous Grammy awards. As some know, Lady Gaga had close ties with fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who was no stranger to occult and mind control symbolism in his work. McQueen died on February 11th, 2010.”

Lady Gaga attended in black dress with veil and a royal scepter in hand (picture right)? Was Lady Gaga attending a funeral? It’s a pretty strange coincidence, indeed!

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