Energetic Predators and the Protectors of Life

from ONHI.org: New Age language terms like the Age of Aquarius or frequencies of the soul are, in custom, a positive addition to a discussion about the tides of life. How the great ocean currents of time and space connect in a gulfstream that some may get lost in while trying to breach the surface. In an article entitled “Differences between Energetic Predators and the Protectors of Life,” the Official New Millenium Website promotes global unity by becoming more aware of how collective human energy can be manipulated against our best interests, and what we can do to control energetic power.“…We identify people who deliberately seek to weaken the essential life-force and well being of another as a Predator of Life. We live on a world where most people have traumatized souls from experiencing thousands of years of war, violence, acute poverty and tremendous suffering… How do you expect to care for yourself in such dense fields of energy if you have not learned some measure of energetic mastery and etheric body management? What you do not know in this area is definitely putting you at a disadvantage!”

Considering the effect that the events of September 11th 2001 had on the global populace, this article preaches the message of preserving the education and transformation of our consciousness for the greater good of mankind during this new shift.

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