The Enviro Reporter on Fukushima Radiation Dangers, Including Radioactive Nori

from enviroreporter.com: Media coverage of Fukushima Daiichi's multiple meltdowns contamination of the Pacific Ocean and America's air, water, soil, food and drink took a giant leap when NBC G4-TV's Attack of the Show! had this reporter on to discuss the gravest single environmental threat facing the world... Enviroreporter.com's detection of high radiation from sea mist infused rain as covered in [the article] LA Rain Radiation Over 5 Times Normal, brought the Fukushima investigation to the shows producer' attention... Discussing some of the subjects covered in Beta Watch and The Endless Bummer, we soon move over to a table where I briefly tested HEPA filter dust just collected at the Radiation Station Santa Monica. That dust was tested before showtime and came in at an astounding 746% of normal as explored in [the article] LA Air Even Hotter with Radiation. We also talked about the hot seaweed I brought into the studio, [the same]seaweed tested in Japanese Seaweed Radiation Doubles.

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