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Episode253 – Victim Sync

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Episode253 - Victim Sync"Raise our voice, make another sound, All in good time, we will come around" on Episode253 from Media Monarchy w/ The Championship, Manson mug and 'A Night to Remember' - MDNA clones, drones, government nig and Oregon urn - #TitanicMemes, full moon, Passover and over + Watertown 'Tremors' and the Clintonville booms on Food World Order - Project Glass, stupid games and ISP Intel in Cyber/SpaceWar - 'Ring of Power', Oikos One Goh and Oaksterdam on Holy Hexes - music by Polyphonic Spree, Beatles, Sims x WinWin, Swervedriver, Rufus Wainwright and much more...

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Episode253 – Victim Sync