Episode260 – Spectator and Pupil

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Episode260 - Spectator and PupilAs I stood listening, love, black magic fell from above” on Media Monarchy: Episode260 – Spectator and Pupil w/ Intel Hub interviews, Bilderberg reviews, local newspurge and the ‘Rising Sun Blues’ – Memorial mergers, Bieber ‘Bailout’ and framing the poverty game + Causeway cannibal, Bundy and ‘Bad Ghosts’ on Holy Hexes – Opium, ‘Anarchy’ and BP bacteria on Food World Order – Counterfeit ‘Flame’, Space(se)X and the shuttle bus data dump in Cyber/Space\War + ‘Anarchist’ audio from Violens, Against Me!, Loreen, Silent Comedy, Gorillaz, Raveonettes, Doc Watson and much, much more…

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