Esoteric Kitten: Hollywood MK Deception Video Series

Esoteric Kitten aka EK produced 30 videos collectively titled,  Hollywood MK Deception series that provides more than you want to know about over-the-top Hollywood mind control, e.g., latest in-your-face victim,  Miley Cyrus.  A 2010 interview with Christie Aphrodite resulted in wide expose of mind control victims in Hollywood.   EK surveys many names:   Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Rose McGowan, Joachin Phoenix, Corey Ham, Corey Feldman. and interview thoroughly educates.  Madonna may be slave/sorceress you want to most avoid!  The video series must be too good as it was pulled from You Tube, shared EK on her blog:  “As you know my entire Hollywood MK Deception series was taken down from youtube along with all of my favorites (which were merely examples of Hollywood MK activity), comments, bulletins and so on. Luckily, some incredible people managed to get their hands on videos from the series and upload them all over the internet making them available. The truth never dies.”

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