fbi sells fake bombs to fake terrorists & foils fake plot

fbi sells fake bombs to fake terrorists & foils fake plotfrom kyw1060: An alleged terror plot has been foiled in New York City. A year-long FBI investigation ended with the arrests outside a Bronx synagogue. “Four individuals were arrested for planting bombs in front of two synagogues in the area.” NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly says the men were not part of any known terrorist organization, just criminals with long rap sheets, and the FBI’s Joseph Demarest says the bombs weren’t real. The men bought what they thought were explosives and Stinger missiles from an FBI informant, hoping to blow up the synagogues at an upstate Air Force base. “They believed the informants to be Jaish-e-Muhammad, a known terrorist group banned by the US.” Their motive: anti-Semitism and resentment for the US military campaign in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Three of those arrested are US citizens, the fourth is Haitian.

download the fbi’s allegations in full [386kb PDF]

new york ‘terror plot’ another govt provocateured set-up
from paul joseph watson: The corporate media and the authorities are having a field day lavishing saturation coverage on the so-called New York “terror plot” in which four men, three of them U.S. citizens, supposedly planned to blow up a Jewish temple and shoot down military planes, feverishly citing it as another example of why we should accept police state measures in major cities and the targeting of American citizens as “domestic terrorists”. The only problem with this premise, mirroring just about every other major terror plot and terror bust that we have ever studied, is that the men were radicalized and provocateured by an FBI informant, who provided the group with the fake weapons that led to their arrest. Just as in every other case, the men will likely turn out to be semi-retarded dropouts who eagerly followed the fed’s lead in the pursuit of a promise of massive cash gifts and a way out of their miserable poverty-stricken lives. However, this won’t be reported with one iota of the gusto that the corporate media are pushing this story today.

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